Thousands compete for 697 procurement positions of government.

Procurement Positions of government agencies to be recruited through open competition

The Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission (IARCSC) announced all procurement positions, a total of 697 positions, of ministries and government agencies to be recruited through open competition. It stipulated that the aim of this process is to build the capacities and capabilities of the procurement units of ministries and government agencies.

The IARCSC officials expect that through this process, the procurement units become more professional and standardized and help improve quality service delivery to people.

Ahmad Nader Nadery, IARCSC Chairman, said, “Establishing professional procurement systems concurrent with the development needs of the country, and recruiting skilled and competent human resources through a transparent and inclusive recruitment process ensures effective implementation of government’s procurement plans and hence, will increase budget expenditure.”

The recruitment process is carried out by a designated committee comprised of representatives from ministries, government entities and the IARCSC. Civil society organizations and the media will observe all the steps of the process.

Written tests will be given collectively to the candidates using the latest technology available. The officials say that using this technology will ensure transparency of the process and will reduce human interventions to a minimum.