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17,000 Civil Service Positions Announced Across the Country

Kabul, 02 November, 2017 – Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission (IARCSC) announced 17000 civil service positions for competitive recruitment across the country.

8,000 of these positions are for school teachers and the remaining 9000 are for Grade five and six civil service positions in different government agencies across the country. The vacancies are accessible on IARCSC website.

9,000 civil servant positions are divided in the following categories:

Administration, economy, education, engineering, archeology, policy and plan, technical, physical education, auditing, information technology, legal, religious, agriculture, information and public relations, health, veterinary, financial, human resources, and monitoring and evaluation. 42 ministries and other government entities have the capacity to recruit these positions in 34 provinces. Bachelor’s degree and above is required for the fifth-grade positions and baccalaureate is required for a number of sixth grade positions. Applicant’s should have relevant educational background.

8000 teachers’ positions include General Studies, Islamic Studies, Teacher Training and Technical and Professional Studies.

In addition to the educational background, IARCSC has considered communications skills, ability to use Internet and computer, and fluency in one of the official languages of the country as the general recruitment requirements for these positions.

Mr. Nader Nadery, IARCSC Chairman, said that the recruitment of new employees at lower level positions contributes to the effectiveness of our Civil Service institutions. He added that the recruitment process for these positions will be transparent. IARCSC will send monitoring teams to all the 34 provinces in the country in order to ensure a transparent competitive process.

The announcement process for these positions has started and will conclude in three days.  Eligible candidates can apply for only one position. Applicants can obtain application forms for the teacher’s positions from IARCSC offices starting Saturday 04 Nov, 2017. Applications forms for the remaining 9,000 civil service positions will be available for collection on Monday 06 Nov, 2017. From the 17,000 positions, approximately 14,000 positions are based in the 33 provinces and the rest are Kabul based positions.

The recruitment process for these positions are carried out by a joint committee comprising representatives of   relevant governmental departments. Representatives from civil society, media and the public will monitor the entire recruitment process.

Announcement of the Primary Results of the Government Procurement Positions’ Exam:

The primary results of the government department’s procurement positions exams are now available on the Ministry of Higher Education website.

The procurement positions exam was held on October 19, 2017 at the Kabul and Polytechnic Universities campuses where 7421 eligible applicants competed for 697 procurement positions. 36,000 applications were received for these positions and 8,176 applicants were registered and passed biometric steps. The total procurement positions are 697 which includes grades two to six. All the recruitment processes have been carried out by a designated committee comprising representatives of relevant government departments. Civil society organizations, parliamentarians and media have been monitoring the recruitment process.

In the next stage, the grades two and three candidates will go through the interview process, while candidates for grades four, five, and six, will only go through an assessment of their academic and work records.

1983 candidates have scored above 180 and are included in the reserve list, while the remaining 4741 candidates were unsuccessful. The complaints process for the procurement positions exam results begins on Saturday November 4 and will continue for up to three working days in Kabul and five working days in the provinces.