Over 200,000 People Prepare for Mass Recruitment Examination

At the same time that those qualified to participate in mass recruitment examination for 17,700 civil servant positions have been identified, the Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission (IARCSC) announced that 6,682 other vacant positions would also be filled through open competition.

These positions have been identified as a result of an IARCSC assessment in cooperation with the relevant ministries and other government institutions.

Ahmad Nader Nadery, the IARCSC Chairman, said in a news conference that most of these positions – intermediate and technical divisions with government agencies in the centre and provinces – had been vacant for five years and that their vacancy had undermined the effectiveness of public service delivery.

Mr Nadery stated that prior to announcing these positions for open recruitment, the relevant ministries and other government institutions would first review their organisational structures and assess the necessity for these positions for the coming fiscal year 1397 (2018–19).

According to the Chairman of the IARCSC, if the relevant government institutions do not need some of these positions, they can amend the positions and recommend new ones with clear job descriptions in accordance with their organisational requirements.

Also, the names of those eligible to take part in mass examination recruitment for 17,700 civil servant positions including 8,700 teacher positions and 9,000 grades 5 and 6 positions in the ministries and other government institutions have been announced. Over 225,670 people have been deemed qualified to participate in the mass recruitment examination for these positions.