Wali Mohammad Naseh is Appointed as a Commissioner of the IARCSC

Wali Mohammad Naseh was appointed Commissioner of the Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission in accordance with a Presidential decree. Ahmad Nader Nadery, Chairman of the Commission, assigned Mr. Naseh to the Civil Service Appeals Board.

Mr. Naseh received his doctorate on intellectual property law from Goethe University, Germany. His master’s degree is on Investment (Economic Rights) from University of Washington.

Mr. Naseh has previously worked as a Professor at the Faculty of Law and Political Science of Kabul University, as Constitution Law Teacher in International Law Organization, as a Member of the Legal Advisory Board to President of Afghanistan, as a Legal Consultant in the Wildlife Conservation Society, as a Legal Advisor in the Brisbane City Enterprises, as a Consultant at the Trade Accession and Facilitation for Afghanistan of USAID, as a Legal Consultant in the International Assistance Mission, and as a Legal Consultant in Embassy of Italy in Kabul.

He has also worked as Dean Assistant of Faculty of Law and Political Science of Kabul University, as Data Management Officer with the CARE Afghanistan, and as a Legal Drafting Specialist with the UNDP.

Wali Mohammed Naseh has also been a member of the Editorial Board of Kabul University Scientific and Academic Magazine, the Independent Legal Aid Board, and the Afghanistan Lawyer’s Association. Mr. Naseh is currently a member of the Kabul University’s Academic Council and National Center for Policy Research.

Wali Mohammed Naseh has published 27 academic works including books and articles in Persian and English.