38 Complaints Addressed: CSAB Weekly Report

Civil Service Appeals Board (CSAB) addressed 38 complaints in the last week, of these, 28 complaints were rejected, six complaints were confirmed, four complaints were archived and another one complaint led to the re-announcement of the civil service position.

Furthermore, in the last week, 120 complaints related to ministries and independent government agencies were registered with the CSAB. These complaints include: 75 complaints about not being shortlisted, 28 complaints about not being convinced of exam results, one complaint about restoration of privilege rights, one complaint about restoration of salary rights, three complaints about illegal transfer, three complaints about dismissal, one complaints about unjustified disciplinary action, one complaint about retirement, three complaints about transfer, two complaints about not being appointed and two complaint about uncertainty over employment.

Complainants can register their complaints with the CSAB in person or online.

Complaints to the CSAB are reviewed in three stages: In the first stage, the complaint is thoroughly reviewed by a professional expert on the basis of the law and the relevant procedures. Then, it is re-examined by the Committee of Experts in cooperation with the academics and specialists, and then it is sent to the meeting of the Commissioners for final decision and issuance of a resolution. As a result, the Board of Commissioners will decide and issue a resolution and the complainants will be informed about the results of the handling of complaints.