479 Complaints Have Been Addressed in the Past Month

The Civil Service Appeals Board (CSAB) has addressed 479 complaints during the past month. Of which 408 complaints were rejected, 43 complaints were confirmed, and another 19 complaints were archived. Also, nine other complaints include other decisions.

Furthermore, 600 complaints related to ministries and independent government agencies were registered with the CSAB in the past one month. These complaints included, 481 complaints about not being shortlisted, 56 complaints about not being convinced of exam results, 13 complaints about positions’ announcements, 10 complaints about illegal transfer, nine complaints about not being appointed, eight complaints about dismissals, five complaints about not being admitted in the exam, five complaints about not being convinced of the annual assessment results, four complaints about uncertainty over employment, four complaints about change in position’s grade, two complaints about illegal warning, two complaints about restoring exceptional privilege (super skill) and one complaint about retirement rights.

In order to prevent the transmission of the Coronavirus, citizens register their complaints online.