68 Complaints Addressed: CSAB Weekly Report

In the last week, the Civil Service Appeal Board (CSAB) of the Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission (IARCSC) addressed 68 complaints.

Of these, 52 complaints were rejected, 12 confirmed, two archived and two others led to the re-advertisement of two civil service positions. 67 complaints were related to recruitment affairs and one other to personnel affairs.

To ensure administrative justice, the CSAB also recorded 55 other complaints in the centre and provinces: 12 complaints about not being convinced of exam results, one complaint on not being admitted to exam, three complaints regarding oral exams, one complaint concerning salary pay, one complaint on illegal replacement, 36 complaints about not being shortlisted and one complaint regarding dismissal.

Following the CSAB analysis and investigation, the complainants were informed of the results of the handling of complaints.