75 Complaints Addressed: CSAB Weekly Report

In the last week, the Civil Service Appeal Board (CSAB) addressed 75 of 122 complaints. 64 complaints were rejected, eight confirmed, two archived and one civil service position was re-advertised on the basis of a complaint.

More time is needed to address some other complaints. The Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission (IARCSC) expects to receive more evidence and documentation from the relevant government ministries and agencies.

Recruitment-related complaints numbered 113 and included issues such as failure to get shortlisted, exam results regarded as unconvincing, problems related to oral examination and failure to administer exams. Personnel affairs-related complaints numbered seven and involved matters such as salary payment, failure to get appointed in civil service positions, civil service position advertisements and civil service displacements.

The IARCSC, Independent Directorate of Local Governance, Ministry of Urban Development and Housing, Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock, Ministry of Telecommunication and Information Technology, Ministry of Public Health, Ministry of Public Works, Attorney General’s Office, Central Statistics Organisation, Directorate of Radio and Television Afghanistan, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Ministry of Counter Narcotics, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Refugees and Repatriation, Afghanistan Independent Land Authority (ARAZI), National Environmental Protection Agency, Ministry of Energy and Water, Ministry of Finance, Supreme Audit Office, Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development, Ministry of Information and Culture, Ministry of Interior Affairs, Ministry of Border and Tribal Affairs, Ministry of Haj and Endowment, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and Ministry of Mines and Petroleum are the government ministries and agencies under complaint. The complaints cover Kabul and 30 other provinces.