83 Complaints Addressed: CSAB Weekly Report

Civil Service Appeals Board (CSAB) of the Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission (IARCSC) has addressed 83 complaints from 30th May to 22th June, of these, 80 complaints were rejected, two complaints were confirmed and one complaint was archived.

Furthermore, in the past week, 99 complaints related to ministries and independent government agencies—in the capital and provinces—were registered with the CSAB. These complaints include: 36 complaints about not being shortlisted, 44 complaints about not being convinced of exam results, two complaints about not being notified of the exam results, one complaint about not being admitted in the exam, four complaints about position’s announcement, four complaints about illegal transfer, four complaints about dismissal, two complaints about not being appointed, two complaints about temporary transfer, one complaint about uncertainty over employment, one complaint about promotion and one complaint about position’s annulment.

The Civil Service Appeals Board, in order to ensure administrative justice, addresses all the registered complaints.