A Group of IARCSC Employees Completed Their Master’s Degree with the Support of the Capacity Building Program

The Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission celebrated 30 of its employees who recently received their master’s degree. The commission has borne the educational expenses of some of these employees, especially of the female employees.

Ahmad Nader Nadery, chairman of the Commission, said: “Higher education, especially a master’s degree, should be a platform for the acquisition of various expertise and critical thinking skills. Attending master’s programs and postgraduate courses should help you develop critical thinking skills and determine your future career path.”

The Commission in order to build capacity and improve skills, pays the full or half of the cost of education of some its employees. Sixty two Commission employees (36 females and 26 males) are studying English language at the American University of Afghanistan. Also, 120 other employees (96 males and 26 females) are attending English language learning program, offered at various levels by the British Council, inside the Commission.

In total, 101 women and 96 men are studying in master’s degree programs and English language learning programs with the financial support of the IARCSC.