Appeals Board Visits Government Agencies to Monitor the Implementation of its Resolutions

The Monitoring Committee of the Appeals Board visits ministries and government agencies in order to accelerate complaints’ addressing, resolutions’ implementation and, timely, submission of documents.

Civil service institutions are required to implement the resolutions of the Appeals Board pursuant to the sixth paragraph of article 19 of the Civil Service Law.

The Appeals Board’s Monitoring Committee visited the Ministry of Education to ensure the implementation of its 32 resolutions, and discussed further cooperation in the implementation of the resolutions, the timely submission of documents and establishing timely communication, with the human resources officials of this ministry.

In the visit to the Ministry of Education, specific mechanisms such as digital communications (email and telephone) and the introduction of a Focal Point have been agreed upon.

The Civil Service Appeals Board of the IARCSC addresses complaints about recruitment processes, personnel affairs and other issues.