Civil Service Appeals Board


Background, Duties and Responsibilities

The Civil Service Appeals Board is the sole body for addressing the civil servants’ grievances and complaints across Afghanistan. It was established based on the Bonn Agreement and has officially started operating in 2004. The goal of the board is to ensure that civil servants, contracted staff and candidates’ rights are protected in civil service management.

Its goal is to ensure equality in civil service management. The board bases its duties and responsibilities on Article 28 of the Civil Service Law and strives to implement the Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission’s (IARCSC) broad strategy.



Civil Service Appeals Board officially started its work in 2004 and since then, has addressed 11,198 complaints until September 2017.


Future Plans and Programs

The board has considered establishing a centralized database to facilitate the activities of the board as well as help the leadership of civil service institutions and plaintiffs. It also envisions that by making the appeals process electronic, addressing these complaints and grievances would be done more efficiently.

Contact with the CSAB(Civil Service Appeals Board)

Email:                                                             Telephone: 0795414276


Complaints Filing and Handling Procedure