Biometric and Human Resources Data Registration of the Ministry of Justice

Biometric and employee’s data registration in The Human Resources Management Information System (HRMIS) process of the Ministry of Justice formally began today with the registration of the details of Abdul Baseer Anwar, Minister of Justice.

The structural limit for the Ministry of Justice is 3065 positions, which includes 850 positions in the capital and 2215 provincial positions. Currently, 2019 employees are working at the Ministry of Justice.

The HRMIS is a central online system and the latest technology has been used in order to secure the registered data in this system. HRMIS is able to connect and share data with other governmental systems such as salaries’ payment system of Ministry of Finance, national electronic ID card system, pension system and more.

The biometric and employees’ data registration in the HRMIS process has been completed in 15 government agencies in the capital, and also in the second administrative level of government agencies in Nengarhar, Kunar and Laghman provinces.