Board Member (Natural Gas)

  1. About AOGRA:

The Afghanistan Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (AOGRA) is the regulatory and executive authority of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan on oil and gas (hydrocarbons). The objective of AOGRA is to foster competition and facilitate private investment in the upstream, midstream, and downstream oil and gas industry; and work for interest of common people while respecting the rights of the companies and public through effective and efficient regulations.

Subject to the provisions of the Hydrocarbons Law, the authority holds the responsibility to attract and promote investments in oil and gas sector in Afghanistan, to manage contracting and tendering processes for oil and gas activities in the upstream, midstream, and downstream, and to ensure regulatory compliance of all activities along the oil and gas value chain. AOGRA is also responsible for contractual compliance, as well as ensuring the faithful implementation of sector policy for the effective, efficient and transparent development of the oil and gas sector.

  1. High Board of Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (HB-OGRA)

The High Board of Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority are stewards of the AOGRA and, as such, govern AOGRA on behalf of the State on the terms and conditions set out in Hydrocarbon Law (No.1277) of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (1396). The AOGRA High Board is comprised of 7 members, with specializations in the following areas: Legal affairs, finance and accounting, information and technology (IT), natural gas, upstream – exploration and production (E&P), midstream, and downstream board members. The President appoints one member as head of the board for a term of two years.

The Board members provide guidance and advice to management on major governance, financial, operational, contractual, and compliance issues. As mandated in the Hydrocarbons Law, the members of the High Board do not get involved in the day-to-day management of the Authority. The members, individually and through coordinated activities support AOGRA’s Board in the revision, evaluation and recommendation on matters pertaining to AOGRA’s strategic direction, governance and management, and financial and operational performance.


  1. Position summary


  1. As a board member (Natural Gas) you are: 
  1. To deliver significant impact by leveraging your industry experience and natural gas E&P and transportation expertise to provide advice and guidance to AOGRA’s top management.


  1. You are primarily responsible for providing guidance – in the way that is considered in good faith – to AOGRA’s top management on regulatory activities of natural gas exploration, extraction, transportation, and commercialization activities. It will also include providing guidance on CNG and NGL (LPG, Ethane, etc.) markets and contract terms.
  • You will advise AOGRA and be an important source of specialized insight and guidance on natural gas regulatory activities.


  1. Additionally, you shall bring deep functional knowledge, expertise and proprietary tools to natural gas extraction, transportation and distribution activities. You’ll be a part of development of strategic vision for AOGRA and building relationships.


  1. In board meetings, you will work closely with other board member but also autonomously with little direction. Your superior analytical and conceptual thinking skills and strong interpersonal and communication skills will ensure successful stewardship of AOGRA, its operations and performance.


  1. Requirements: 
  1. Professional and Academic Qualifications: 
  1. University graduate from top-tier university in Petroleum Engineering (Chemical, Mechanical, Process) or other fields, relevant to practical oil and gas operations
  2. Advanced professional degree such as a Master’s/ PhD in relevant field would be extremely advantageous
  • Strong technical competence with minimum 10 years of demonstrated experience in supervisor or higher positions in the field of natural gas exploration, extraction, and transportation with a distinctive record of professional achievements and impact
  1. Exposure to joint ventures with IOCs /NOCs in natural gas projects is highly desirable
  2. Experience with gas pricing and economic evaluation, gas infrastructure planning and global experience with techno-economic analysis of gas sector
  3. Familiarity with natural gas industry practices (reservoir engineering, operations, production optimization), control standards, and accounting policies
  • Experience with regional natural gas projects and interstate pipelines e.g. TAPI, is highly desirable
  • Familiarity with natural gas contracts and retail businesses
  1. Knowledge of site closure/ rehabilitation, Quality, Health, Safety & Environment (“QHSE”) policies across the natural gas sector
  2. Excellent understanding of and experience with industry-typical contracts
  3. Commercial and business development acumen
  • Experience with complex risk management
  • Excellent written and verbal English language skills are required (For Afghan nationals, fluency in both national languages is mandatory).


  1. Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: 
  1. Demonstrates leadership ability
  2. Demonstrates broad business and technical knowledge in resolving problems and defining new opportunities
  • Excellent communication skills
  1. Strong attention to detail and planning skills
  2. Strong commitment to service and the ability to professionally interact with a multitude of internal and external stakeholders/ beneficiaries
  3. Ability to work well under tight deadlines
  • Ability to travel as needed
  1. Profile: 
Seniority Level:

Supervisor / Top Management


·         Oil and Gas

·         Natural Gas, Natural Gas Pipeline

Job Functions:

·         Board Member (Natural Gas)

Employment Type:




National/ International

Experience required:

10 years of professional experience in upper- management

Above 30 years old
Male/ Female
Contract Duration:

2 years-competitive salary with international rates

  1. Responsibilities: 
  1. Strategic Direction, and Capital and Financial Plans:
    1. In collaboration with the High Board and the Chief Executive Officer, periodically engage in a longer-term (5-10 years+) strategic planning process that culminates in establishing or confirming AOGRA’s long term strategic direction and goals
    2. Review AOGRA’s progress towards the achievement of the goals established in the strategic, operating and capital plans and, if necessary, revise and alter such plans in light of changing circumstances
  • Approve acquisitions and dispositions in excess of expenditure limits established by the Board
  1. Assessment of environmental, socioeconomic and non-monetary impacts
  2. Monitor capital structure, and review the financial and accounting performance of AOGRA
  3. Approve the procurement of external independent annual financial and operational audits of AOGRA, review and approve said audits.
  • Approve all matters relating to take-overs and transfer of assets related to AOGRA or may belong in the upcoming years
  • To monitor the implementation and consistent enforcement of Quality, Health, Safety & Environment (“QHSE”) policies across the natural gas sector
  1. Monitor and assess the process of awarding contracts and licenses, and present a report to the cabinet
  1. Human Resources:
    1. Develop and monitor overall human resources policies and procedures, including compensation and succession planning
    2. Develop a system under which succession to senior management positions will occur in a timely manner; approve all retirement plans for officers and employees of AOGRA; and review annually the adequacy and form of the compensation of directors
  • Propose significant change in the management organization structure of AOGRA
  1. General
    • The board, upon referral of the CEO, has the authority to review any corporate report or material, and to investigate any activity of AOGRA
  1. Facilitate the continuity, effectiveness and independence of the Board
  • To produce short analytical memos from an expert point of view over upstream operational or regulatory issues, submitted by top management for consultation to the Board
  1. Meetings and other Administrative Tasks:

The Board must meet a minimum of four times per year, and has authority to convene additional meetings as required (in person or through other means of communication). Board Members are expected to attend all meetings in person in Kabul. The Board Chair and CEO set the agenda and works with other members to ensure agendas and appropriate materials are circulated one week in advance of a meeting. The CEO attends all regular board meetings, ensuring minutes are taken and procedural matters are addressed. The board member shall receive remuneration for their participation in the board meeting, which will be specified by the cabinet.

  1. How to apply:


Applicants with the above-mentioned qualifications are expected to send their CVs and application letters to AOGRA@IARCSC.GOV.AF and copy to APB@IARCSC.GOV.AF

        Announced Date:            24/12/2018

        Expire Date:                       24/2/2019