Chairman of the Commission Met with the Loy Kandahar Youth Council’s Members

The Loy Kandahar Youth Council has commended the activities of the leadership of the Commission regarding the reforms in the public administration, transparency in the competitive recruitment exams and healthy competition.

Loy Kandahar’s youth also discussed the problems of the youth of Kandahar, Helmand, Zabul, Uruzgan, Nimroz and Farah provinces with the Chairman of the Commission, Ahmad Nader Nadery.

The chairman of the Commission stressed that principle solutions should be sought out regarding the problems facing the youth of these provinces in the field of recruitments, and that the problems caused by lack of professional cadres should be dealt with by setting up effective educational programs.

“It is very encouraging that the youth of most provinces, especially those provinces affected by the war in the country, including the youth of Loy Kandahar, agree that the transparent processes of competition for civil service positions appointments which are not influenced by politician’s interventions, would be effective, just, and would be satisfactory to the citizens,” Mr. Nadery added.

Mr. Naderi expressed concern over the fact that provinces such as Zabul and Uruzgan have not benefited from the development due to the long wars and have few educated cadres.

Loy Kandahar’s youth asked the Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission to establish computerized Exam Centers in their provinces. Chairman of the Commission promised that next week a computerized Exams Center will be opened in Kandahar province.

Computerized Exams Centers would be established in other provinces too in the next year.