Civil Servants’ Salaries Will Soon Be Processed Through the Electronic Payment System

In order to connect the finance and administrative systems of the country such as the Human Resources Management Information System (HRMIS), the Afghanistan Financial Management Information System (AFMIS) and the Electronic National Identification Document (e-NID), a work meeting was held between Ahmad Nader Nadery, Chairman of the Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission (IARCSC), Mohammad Khalid Payenda, Acting Minister of Finance, and Ahmad Javid Rasuoli, Director General of the National Statistics and Information Authority (NSIA).

In this meeting, the latest developments in synchronization of relevant institutions’ electronic systems were reviewed. For better synchronization of the systems, the technical committees were instructed to complete the trial phase of processing civil servants’ salary payments through the HRMIS within the next month.

The HRMIS, which records all biographical and biometric information of civil servants, will be connected with the AFMIS of the Ministry of Finance, through which civil servants’ salaries will be paid. This will ensure transparency in paying the civil servants’ salaries and other privileges, and will also help standardize and equalize payments.

As the HRMIS gets synchronized with the eNID system, newly recruited civil servants who have obtained their electronic identity cards (e-tazkira), are not required to register their biometric information.