Competitive Exam was Held for Entry-Level Positions of MoF and Other Civil Service Agencies

Competitive recruitment exam was held for 220 entry-level positions of the Ministry of Finance (MoF) and 808 entry-level positions of other civil service agencies in Kabul. More than 23,000 applicants participated in the exam.

All vacant positions in the Ministry of Finance will be gradually announced for open competition in three stages (exam for entry-level positions, exam for mid-management positions and exam for senior positions), based on an agreement between the Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission (IARCSC) and the MoF.

Sayed Hashmatullah Hashimi, commissioner of the IARCSC, thanked the leadership of the MoF for its support in announcing the entry-level positions of this ministry for open competition and said: “this is the first time in several years that this many positions of the MoF are announced for open completion.”

Mr Hashimi added: “in order to ensure social justice and lasting peace, we need a capable, transparent, accountable and professional civil service. Unfortunately, in the past, it was common practice to fill the civil service positions through various quotas, especially these positions that we are witnessing their recruitment exam today – central customs positions and other positions which are critical in providing direct services to citizens. Today, the ownership of these positions has been taken out of those quotas and returned to the citizens.”

Abdul Hadi Arghandiwal, acting minister of finance, stated that the ministry believes that all members of society should be given a chance based on justice, not on the basis of political connections and patronage.

The acting finance minister said that in order to ensure transparency and recruit eligible candidates, in the future other vacant positions and positions that are being managed by acting managers in the ministry will be announced for open competition too.

Of the 220 positions in the MoF, 101 are allotted for women.

The mass recruitment exams for teaching and grade five and six civil service positions of civil service agencies was recently  launched with holding the  mass recruitment exam for teaching positions of Kabul province. In the next two months, recruitment exams for these positions will also be held in other provinces of the country.

About 200,000 volunteers from across the country are expected to participate in the mass recruitment exams for 15,000 teaching and grade five and six civil service positions.