Competitive Exams Were Held for Fourteen Civil Service Positions

One hundred twenty-five applicants competed for 14 civil service positions in exams centers of Kabul and Nengarhar.

Eleven applicants competed in the computer-based and oral exams in the Fatema Qaderiyan and the Afghan Girls Robotics Team Exams Center. The exams were for two senior positions of the Technical and Vocational Education and Training Authority (the Directorate of Property and Services, and the Directorate of Curriculum and Teacher Training) and one senior position of the Directorate of Physical Education and Sport (Balkh’s Directorate of Sports).

Also, another 105 applicants competed for nine mid-management and low-level positions of the Ministry of Finance’s General Directorate of Revenue in the Civil Service Institute Exams Center. The exams were for the Department of Revenue Plan’s Analysis and Expansion, Department of Taxpayer Identification, General Department of Second Group Assessment, General Department of Third Assessment (two positions), Department of Tenth Group Assessment, Department of Eighth Group Assessment, Department of Seventh Group Assessment and Taxpayer’s Complaints Expert

Furthermore, nine applicants competed in computer-based exams in Nengarhar’s Shaheed Musa Shafiq Exams Centre for the following positions: Department of NGO’s Activities Monitoring and Regulation of the Directorate of Economy, and the Department of Reintegration of the Directorate of Refugees and Repatriations.