Computer-Based Exam for Six Positions of Ministry of Justice Was Held in Khost Province

Twenty six applicants competed in the one-step, computer-based exam for six positions of the Ministry of Justice in Khost province. Providing computer-based exams in Khost province and other zones of the country is one of the initiatives that has been implemented to standardize competitive examinations, eliminate human intervention and ensure transparency in recruitment.

The computerized Maleka Suraya Exams Centre in Khost province is equipped with advanced technology and is connected to the Kabul’s Exams Center. The duration of exams in this center and other provincial centers is monitored by a control room in the Kabul’s Exams Center. Participants will receive their results immediately after the exam.

Furthermore, five applicants competed for positions of Directorate of Information and Culture of Nengarhar province and Directorate of National Statistics and Information of Faryab province, in the Fatema Qaderiyan and the Afghan Girls Robotics Team Exams Center. Also, another 36 applicants competed for the Professional Legal Membership position of the Law Department of Kabul’s Estalif district, in the Civil Service Institute Exams Center.