Computer-Based Exams Were Held for Eleven Positions of Ministry of Justice in Herat Province

Thirty three applicants competed in the one-step, computer-based exam for Department of Justice’s 11 vocational positions (grades four and five), in Herat province.

The Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission has established seven computerized exam centers in Kabul, Nengarhar, Kandahar, Herat, Khost, Bamyan and Balkh provinces. These exam centers were created in order to attain meritocracy, reduce human interference, and to better facilitate recruitment exams.

Herat’s computerized Exam Centre, like the rest of the exam centers, is equipped with advanced technology and is connected to the Kabul’s Exams Center.

The exams’ duration in the provincial computerized exam centers are monitored from a control room in Kabul’s Exams Center. Participants will receive their results immediately after the exam.