Computer-based Exams were Held for Thirty Two Civil Service Positions

Two hundred forty-one applicants competed for 32 civil service positions (mid-management and low-level) in exams centers of Kabul, Balkh, Herat, and Khost.

Two hundred nine (194 male and 15 female) applicants participated in the computer-based exams for the below listed positions, in the Afghanistan Civil Service Institute’s Exams Center:

  • The Independent Commission Overseeing the Implementation of the Constitution’s following positions: Department of Construction Procurement, Department of Finance and Accounting and Department of Planning, Monitoring and Assessing Foreign Relations.
  • The National Statistics and Information Authority’s following positions: Plan’s Analysis and Integration Expert, General Department of Coordination with Government Agencies and Organizations, Coordination with Organizations Expert, General Department of Integration of Provincial Reports and Provincial Offices Coordinator.
  • General Directorate of Petroleum and Liquified Gas’s following positions: Department of Petroleum and Liquified Gas of Herat province, General Department of Petroleum of Islam Qala Port of Herat province, General Department of Petroleum of Aqina Port of Faryab province, General Department of Petroleum of Torghundi Port of Herat province, and general departments of Petroleum of Farah and Nimruz provinces.
  • The Afghanistan Railway Authority’s following positions: Department of Budget and Reporting, General Department of Property, General Department of Budget and Office Keeping and Internal Audit.
  • The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs’ following positions: Civil Engineer and General Department of Plan and Design of Development Projects.
  • The Ministry of Education’s following positions: Department of literacy and Department of Education of Logar province’s Charkh district.
  • The Ministry of Information and Culture’s Department of Museum position
  • The Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission’s Department of Human Resources Cadres’ Affairs postion

Thirteen applicants (11 male and two female) competed in the computer-based exams for MoBTA’s Department of Finance and Administration, and MCIT’s General Department of Administrative Affairs positions in Balkh’s Rabia Balkhi Exams Center. Also, thirteen applicants participated in the computer-based exams for the General Department of Administration of Media Center position and the General Department of Legal Training Clinic position of the MoHE in Khost’s Maleka Suraya Exams Center.

Furthermore, six applicants competed in the computer-based exam for the General Department of Museum in Herat’s Exams Center.