CSAB held Coordination Meetings with a Number of Government Agencies

Civil Service Appeals Board has held coordination meetings with the human resources officials of six government agencies in order to speed up appeals addressing procedures and to monitor the implementation of the Appeals Board’s resolutions.

Appeals Board addresses the complaints about the recruitment processes, personnel affairs, organizational and other issues. It has issued 422 resolutions during this year. Implementation of these resolutions is part of the obligations of the civil service agencies.

In the past month, in order to implement CSAB’s resolutions and in time submission of the required documents to the CSAB, coordination meetings have been held with the HR officials of the ministries of Transport, Justice, Higher Education, Education, Public Health, and the IDLG.

In these meetings, the HR officials of the said ministries and agencies pledged to implement CSAB’s resolutions and to submit the required documents in time. Also, for further coordination, they agreed on specific mechanisms for electronic communications (phone calls and emails) and promised to introduce their contact representatives (focal point) to the Appeals Board.