Computer-Based Exams were Held for Four Senior Civil Service Positions

As many as 85 applicants participated in the computer-based exams of four senior civil service positions of two agencies. The recruitment exams were held in the Fatema Qaderiyan and the Afghan Girls Robotics Team Exam Center.

A total of 61 applicants competed for International Relations and Financial Directorates of the Upper House of the Parliament (the Meshrano Jirga), and another 24 applicants for Education Directorate of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and Directorate of War Victims of the State Ministry for Martyrs and Disabled.

Basira Hasani, a candidate for the Directorate of Education of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, called the computer-based recruitment exams for civil service positions a significant achievement in the field of recruitment reforms and said: “the electronic exams have paved the way for capable and qualified individuals to enter the civil service and bring about positive change in the agencies.”