Exams Were Held for One Hundred Five Civil Service Positions

Eight hundred fifty-two applicants (807 male and 45 female) competed in the exams for 105 positions—in the centre and provinces—of 12 government agencies.

Applicants competed for senior, mid-management and low-level positions of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Energy and Water, Ministry of Information and Culture, Ministry of Transport, Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service, Independent General Directorate of Kuchi, National Statistics and Information Authority, and Academy of Sciences.

The computer-based exams were held in Kabul’s Fatema Qaderiyan and the Afghan Girls Robotics Team and Civil Service Institute exams centers, Balkh’s Rabia Balkhi Exams Center, Khost’s Maleka Suraya Exams Center, Nengarhar’s Shaheed Muhammad Musa Shafiq Exams Centre, and Kandahar and Herat’s exams centers.