First Six Months of the Fiscal Year Report: Planned Activities Have Been Realized

First six months of fiscal year 2019 report of the Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission shows that the Commission’s activities in the fields of recruitments and complaints handling, public administration reform, capacity building for employees and operations and support’s staff, have been implemented as planned.

The IARCSC also has, in all areas, discrepancy between the planned objectives and its implementation, in some cases more has been done than planned, and in others, activities have been postponed for some reasons.

In the recruitment field, the IARCSC, has recruited 245 people based on their merit and competence, for government agencies’ senior positions, through free competition. It has monitored the recruitment process of 6469 low-level positions of government agencies and it has also completed the appointments process of teaching positions and fifth grade and sixth grade positions in the Civil Service. Similarly, during this period, other vacant positions were announced and senior level positions were processed. A total of 3553 complaints have been registered with Appeals Board, from the capital and provinces, of which 2623 have been addressed. CSAB’s 340 confirmed resolutions have been monitored and a total of 18 complaints which were referred by the court are under process.

In the administrative reform field, the IARCSC has achieved its planned objectives which are: analysis, arrangement and revision of 6277 job descriptions of 30 ministries and agencies, simplification of 18 executive processes of ministries and independent government agencies, monitoring the performance assessment of 20305 civil servants, and providing 326 legal consult to government agencies.

In capacity building field, the IARCSC has arranged 89 training programs for civil servants abroad, 486 civil servants have been sent to countries that provide scholarships, such as Japan, India and Singapore. 25 provincial government officials have also benefited from the Commission’s capacity building training programs.

The Commission has included 177 employees of the ministries and agencies in the super skill salaries and 44 other employees have been included in the new grading system’s salaries. 108 people were recruited for the positions that needed to be filled inside the Commission.

The Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission has spent 48% of its normal budget and 40% of its development budget in the first six months of fiscal year 2019.