How Applicants for Senior Civil Service Positions Are Shortlisted?

At first, senior civil service positions are announced for 10 work days. Applicants for these positions register for their preferred positions through their user accounts, within a specified time. To apply for senior civil service positions, each applicant must create an account in the IARCSC’s electronic recruitment system, in which personal information and the necessary educational and work documents must be added.

At the end of the application’s deadline for the positions, shortlist process which, carried out by the Appoints Board of the IARCSC, begins. A commissioner of the IARCSC is appointed to head the shortlist committee and oversee the process. Also, deputy minister or head of HR directorate of the relevant ministries or agencies, Appointments Board’s expert and, on especial occasions, relevant field’s specialist are members of the shortlist committee.

The shortlist committer begins its work in a designated work space, where a big screen is installed. The designated officer logs into the system with their special username through which they can access all of the applications for a position. The shortlist committee examines each application for a position in accordance with the Terms of Reference (ToR) and requirements of the position.

Applicants who have completed the required documents for a position will be shortlisted. Applicants whose background record has been issued more than six months ago, applicants who have not submitted the Ministry of Higher Education approved documents, applicants who have no certificate for their work experience, or applicants who have not completed the application form’s pages related to the background record and have not submitted educational certificates are conditionally shortlisted, subject to the submission of documents and completion of the application form. And, those applicants who do not meet the requirements of a positon at all are placed on the eligible applicants’ list.

If an applicant fails to provide relevant educational documents, submit complete documents of required managerial and professional experience, submit updated background record, meet the deadline for resignation and dismissal, or nonexistence of employment contracts, non-approval of work experience by relevant departments, etc. are among major reasons based on which applicants of grade one and two civil service positions are conditionally shortlisted or placed in the ineligible applicants’ list.

After carefully reviewing the submitted documents, shortlists, conditional shortlists and ineligible applicants’ lists are prepared. All members of the committee sign these lists and a copy of them is given to the representative of the relevant ministry or agency. The results of the committee’s evaluations are share with all applicants (shortlisted, conditionally shortlisted, and ineligible applicant) by e-mail without delay.

The conditionally shortlisted applicants who are required to submit documents are given specific deadline, stated in the e-mail, to complete the documents requested by the committee. As the deadline ends, the designated officer will review the submitted documents and include the qualified applicants in the shortlist who have completed the documents requested by the committee. Meanwhile, ineligible applicants who are not satisfied with the results announced by the shortlist committee have up to three work days from the date of receipt of the e-mail to file an online complaint with the Appeals Board. If the applicant’s complaint is approved by the Appeals Board, the complainant’s name will be added to the shortlist.

Muhammad Yousuf Ghaznavi, chief executive officer of the Appointments Board, referring to the acceleration of the shortlist process of senior civil service positions and creating a transparent process, said: “based on the needs of our time and in accordance with the President and IARCSC Chairman’s vision, the Appointments Board is moving towards digitalization, and the new recruitment system gives applicants the opportunity to access the services provided by the IARCSC in the shortest possible time.”

According to Mr. Ghaznavi, the new recruitment system will enable applicants to senior civil service position to track the progress of their applications and the reasons for any decisions made about them through their mobile phones.

The system also enables applicants to follow every step of the shortlist process and find out about the reasons for being conditionally shortlisted or being ineligible.

The shortlist committees examine, on average, 350 to 400 applicants’ documents on a daily bases, and when needed this figure can increase.

Ahmad Mobin Matin recently applied for a senior civil service position, but the shortlist committee, after examining his application, did not consider him eligible. Mr. Matin, not satisfied with the shortlist committee’s decision, filed a complaint with the Appeals Board. The Appeals Board approved the decision of the Appointments Board and rejected the applicant’s complaint, because Mr. Martin’s work experience was in grade five and Resolution No. 6 dated 11/22/2019 of the Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission (IARCSC), does not recognized grade five and six positions sufficient for senior civil service positions. After receiving the Appeals Board’s e-mail, Mr. Matin was satisfied with the Board’s resolution.

Rahmatullah Haidari is another applicant to senior civil service positions whose name is on the list of conditionally shortlisted applicants.  Because his background record was from more than six months ago, he has been required to submit an updated background record. After receiving the e-mail from the shortlist committee, Mr. Haidari received his updated background record from the relevant department and added it to his account. After making sure that the document was accurate, the designated officer placed Mr. Haidari among those who were eligible for the exam.

Mr. Haidari called the new shortlist system effective and added: “this system has eliminated human interference. The system records the exact time and date the documents were added to my account. On the other hand, I do not have to go to the IARCSC to complete the required documents. The new shortlist system can receive my documents the minute I submit them. Every time I add the required documents to my account, the new shortlist system is able to receive them at that exact moment.”

According to Mr. Haidari, the system has made the application process for senior civil service positions easy and that candidates can submit their applications until the last minute before deadline, which is 11:59 pm.

The IARCSC launched the new e-recruitment system more than a year ago, through which applicants can apply for senior civil service positions.