IARCSC Annual Activity Report for 1396 [2017/18] Released

Press Release


Kabul, 17 July 2018

The Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission (IARCSC) today released its Annual Activity Report for the Year 1396 [2017/18]. The report provides detailed information to the public on the achievement by the IARCSC of its institutional goals.

On releasing the Annual Activity Report, IARCSC Chairman Ahmad Nader Nadery said, “As a public institution, we at the IARCSC have an obligation not only to report to the public the measures we have taken to achieve the IARCSC objectives but also to ensure that the public has adequate information about the results of our activities.”

Mr. Nadery added, “Reform is not easy in any country. The IARCSC reform measures have, too, been a challenging path during the last year.”

In addition to internal reform and operational accomplishments, the IARCSC has made achievements in the areas of public administration reform, monitoring and evaluation, legal reform, civil servant training, Capacity-Building for Results (CBR) programme implementation, civil service appointments, complaint handling and public awareness-raising in the course of the past year.

During the last year, the IARCSC established close cooperation with government ministries and agencies. As a result of this collaboration, wide-ranging institutional reform, increased activity effectiveness and improved service delivery have been achieved in a number of government ministries and agencies.

In coordination and cooperation with the government ministries and agencies, the IARCSC implemented considerable activities to launch reform, promote results-based structure and performance and align them with the objectives of the Afghanistan National Peace and Development Framework.

You can read the full details of the activities in the report.