IARCSC Assesses Ministry of Public Health Institutional Capacity

Kabul, 12 February 2018 – The Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission (IARCSC) released its findings on the assessment of the institutional capacity of the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH).

The Presidential Office had assigned the IARCSC to conduct an evaluation of the MoPH institutional capacity. The assessment began in Jawza 1396 (May/June 2017) and ended in Mizan (September/October). It was conducted in direct cooperation with the MoPH in hospitals, health centres, and MoPH-related offices in the centre and seven regions across the country.

During the last several months, the IARCSC and the MoPH have jointly worked on implementing a reform action plan in the ministry and these bilateral efforts have led to positive results.

Governance, administration, financial management, procurement management, programme and project management, and human resource management in the MoPH constitute the key areas that have been evaluated.

The MoPH has received a score of three in governance, administration, financial management, and programme and project management, and a score of two in procurement management and human resource management on the IARCSC four-point assessment scale. Scores three and two respectively indicate intermediate and primary levels of capacity.

Ahmad Nader Nadery, the Chairperson of the IARCSC, thanked the MoPH leadership for their full cooperation and said, ‘Services offered to the citizens by the MoPH should be of a reliable and effective quality and this cannot be achieved unless the MoPH operates in an efficient, effective, and professional way’.

Mr Nadery added, ‘Because the MoPH services have a direct impact on the health and life of the people, the quality of these services should progressively grow in terms of both state-provided preventive and curative healthcare and the monitoring of privately provided healthcare. There should be no room for negligence and political influence’.

The report on the assessment of the MoPH institutional capacity and its action plan were submitted to the recent meeting of the High Council on Rule of Law in the presence of the President, Chief Executive Officer, and Second Vice-President, and were approved by the Council.

The IARCSC report contains the complete details of its findings on the MoPH institutional capacity and is available on its website.