IARCSC Publishes its Annual Activity Report for 1398

The Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission (IARCSC) published its 1398 (2019-2020) annual report. The report highlights the IARCSC major efforts to reform the public administration as well as underling the challenges in implementing these reform initiatives.
Ahmad Nader Nadery, Chairman of the IARCSC, called the fiscal year 1398 (2019-2020) another productive year for the civil service of Afghanistan and said: “we continue to strengthen systems in IARCSC and have put in place the necessary structures and tools which has improved the quality of competitions and exam content and, fortunately, those who has succeeded through civil service competitions has more quality and expertise.”
Mr. Nadery further added: “creating reform and institutionalizing it requires continuous effort. There are recurring obstacles in the path of reforms and improvement of the civil service sector, we are determined and need to have support and perseverance of all of the people, to overcome these challenges.”
The IARCSC, in this fiscal year has carried out the recruitment and monitoring processes for 30,000 civil service positions. Also, 4,783 complaints regarding recruitments in the civil service have been addressed. Likewise, 5,209 complaints related to ministries and independent government agencies have been registered with the Civil Service Appeals Board.
The IARCSC, in order to facilitate recruitment processes across the country, has established eight computerized exams centers in the centre and provinces. The exams centers are equipped with the most advanced and credible technology, which eliminates human interference in the recruitment process.
The development of the Human Resources Management Information System (HRMIS) essential modules such as organizational structure management, employees’ background, biometric, attendance, payments, system configuration, access to system and system application are completed and functioning. The entire organizational structure (Tashkeel) of the public administration which consists of close to 420,523 positions, is entered in the HRMIS. Biometric and biographic information of 274,462 civil servants have been registered in the HRMIS by December 20, 2019.
To support IARCSC reform plans; around 24,589 terms of reference from various positions were revised in line with line ministers overall vision, mission and objectives. And, during this fiscal year one of the major step also taken is to complete the civilianization of 412 positions of the Ministry of Defence.
In addition, during this fiscal year the IARCSC organized 96 training programs in which 2,411 civil servants were trained from the centre and provinces. The IARCSC in support from its partners initiated and facilitated 326 oversees training programs to around 1,180 civil servants.
Some of the other reform initiatives during this fiscal year implemented by IARCAC but not limited to: a) establishment of an online recruitment system, developing 13,704 exam questions in Dari, Pashtu, and English languages, addressing the complaints of 1,349 people in the leadership’s meeting with the citizens, completing seven activities in accordance with the Anti-Corruption Action Plan, receiving 110 Presidential directives on different reform program and implementing these instructions, b) developing and finalizing civil service procedures and regulations, offering 560 legal advice to agencies, identification of 110 complex and time consuming processes in eight line ministries and government agencies, simplification of 32 complex and time consuming processes in five ministries and government agencies, cadre development, new method to appraise employees’ performance as well as efforts to increase women’s participation in the civil service, launching activities of Organizational Culture Transition, developing the IARCAC Five Year Strategic Plan (2020-2025), and providing information to 41,832 citizens.
In this fiscal year the IARCSC has spent 99 percent of its development budget and 98 percent of its regular budget.