In the Past Month, 742 Complaints Have Been Addressed

The Civil Service Appeals Board (CSAB) has addressed 742 complaints in the past month, of which, 601 complaints were rejected, 85 complaints were confirmed, and 27 complaints were archived. Also, five complaints led to holding the recruitment exams for civil service positions anew, four complaints led to re-announcement of the civil service positions and one complaint led to the performance appraisal process being conducted again, and nine complaints covered various other issues.

Furthermore, a total of 914 complaints related to ministries and government agencies were registered with the CSAB, in the past month. These complaints included: 745 complaints about not being shortlisted, 77 complaints about not convinced of the exam results, 25 complaints about not being admitted in the exams, 21 complaints about illegal transfers, 14 complaints about not being appointed, 11 complaints about dismissals, nine complaints about annual performance appraisal, three complains about restoration of privileges’ rights, one complaint about position’s announcement, two complaints about uncertainty over employment, two complaints about continuance of work, two complaints about lack of transfer, one complaint about lack of transparency exam process, and one complaint about not being notified of the exam results.