International Women’s Day was Celebrated at the Commission

The Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission, in a ceremony observing the International Women’s Day, thanked agencies that have worked to create a healthy work environment for women and to implement administrative procedures to increase women’s participation.

Based in the findings of the Gender Unit in the Civil Service, agencies such as the Attorney General’s Office,  Academy of Sciences, Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Higher Education, Ministry of Public Health, Ministry of Industry and Commerce, and Ministry of Communication and Information Technology have paid significant attention in implementing the Policy on Increasing Women’ Participation in Civil Service.

The above mentioned agencies have implemented measures such as presence of the Gender Unit representative in recruitment processes, considering five privilege points for women in accordance with the Procedure on Recruitment of Civil Servants, launching awareness campaigns on job opportunities for newly graduated women, women’s educational needs assessment, work related training programs, English language learning programs, and computer skill training programs in the Civil Service Institute, introducing a number of female civil servants to bachelor and master’s degree programs in public and private universities, sending women abroad for short-term and long-term training programs, an increase in women receiving exceptional privileges and overtime, and identifying and celebrating successful women and sharing their success stories through media.