Internship Program in Badakhshan Province

Civil Service Institute of the Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission (IARCSC) and the Ministry of Justice, with the financial and technical support of the Promotion of the Rule of Law in Afghanistan project of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (GIZ), are planning an internship program in Badakhshan for 50 graduates of law and sharia/theology faculties of universities and institutes of higher education.

Deadline for accepting documents of interested candidates: March 25 to April 4


  • Candidate must have a law or Sharia law degree from higher education institutions.
  • Candidate must not have previously completed any internship or law clinic at the Civil Service Institute, GIZ, or any other institutions.
  • Candidates must be recent graduates (years 2019 and 2020).

Required documents:

  • CV
  • Educational documents:
    • One copy of the graduation certificate of public or private universities (graduation certificates and other documents obtained from outside the country are subject to the approval of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Higher Education).
  • Copy of approved national ID card (tazkira).

Rights and Benefits:

  • A completion certificate will be awarded to candidate at the end of the internship program, which is equivalent to one year of work experience in civil service agencies.
  • Certain amount of monthly pay.

Reading resources for the entrance exam:

  • The Constitution
  • The Penal Code
  • The Civil Law
  • The Civil Procedure Code
  • The Administrative Procedure Law
  • The Law for Defence Attorneys and the Legal Aid Regulation
  • The Law on Manner of Obtaining Rights
  • Collection of administrative and managerial questions of the Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission

How to Apply:

Eligible applicants can send their CVs attached with a copy of their national ID card (tazkira) and graduation certificate to this email:

Hard copy of the documents will not be accepted.

Only those shortlisted candidates will be contacted.