A New E-Recruitment System with More Capabilities Will Be Launched

The Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission will launch a new E-Recruitment system.

The system has a different set of capabilities from the current system, in addition to ensuring greater transparency in recruitments, it enables applicants of the civil service positions to apply for their desired positions in an easy and organized way.

In this new system, every applicant for civil service positions can set up a personal account and can apply for jobs or track the latest information about recruitment processes through this account.

The system is developed in such a way that applicant for civil service positions registers personal information, necessary educational and work experience documents only once and is not required to go through the same process for every time the applicant applies for a position.

The system sends automated job announcements to the applicants via e-mail. Also, users are notified about recent job announcements–jobs that match their educational background, expertise and competencies–through their e-mail addresses.

Citizens, media and civil society will also be able to access and monitor information, if not confidential, through this system.

The new E-Recruitment system was recently developed by in-house experts of the IARCSC. It was presented in the latest Board of Commissioners’ meeting for comments and, after a number of suggestions were made for its further improvement, was approved by the Board.

Ahmad Nader Nadery, chairman of the IARCSC, praised the development of the new E-Recruitment system and added: “This is a huge investment for Afghanistan and the civil service institutions. While developing such systems can be costly, this system has been developed by in-house experts with low cost. And it can guarantee greater transparency in the recruitment processes.”

The new E-Recruitment system only covers senior and mid-level positions of the civil service, in the first phase.