List of Afghanistan Civil Service Legislative Documents



Labour Law

Civil Service Law

Civil Servants Law

Amendment of Civil Servants Law

Diplomatic and Consular Staff Law



Regulation of Personal Affairs of Civil Servants

Regulation on Retirement Rights of Civil Servants

Amendment and Omission of Some Articles of Regulation on Retirement Rights of Civil Servants

Code of Conduct for Civil Servants

Regulation on Formulation of Civil Service Grades

Regulation on Foreigners’ Recruitment in Afghanistan Administration

Regulation on Managing Travel Fair, Food and Accommodation and Pocket Money

Regulation on Scholarships and Education Abroad

Regulation on Arranging Civil Servants’ Overtime

Regulation on Temporary Job Contract



Procedure on Recruitment of Civil Servants

Procedure on Recruitment of Civil Servants through Competitive Mass Recruitment Exams

Procedure on Handling Civil Servants’ Complaints

Procedure on Recruitment and Performance Appraisal of Deputy Governors and District Governors

Special Procedure on Performance Appraisal of Regional Offices

Special Procedure on Recruitment of Grade 1 – 5 Civil Servants through CBR

Procedure on Regulating Conditions and the Manner of Promotion of Step and Grade of Lecturers, Teachers and Moddareseen of Schools, Madrasas, Teacher Training Institutes, Technical – Professional and Literacy Schools

Procedure on Recruitment of Mayors for Center of Provinces and Mayors of Grade 2 for Districts

Special Procedure on Mass Exam for Commercial Attaché of MoCI

Collection of Procedures on Recruitment of Civil Servants



Policy on Increasing Women Participation in Civil Service