Ministry of Education’s Positions in Nengarhar Province Were Announced to Open Competition

After the official launch of the recruitment process of 11,000 positions of the Ministry of Education, in this phase, vacant positions in Nengarhar province were announced for open competition. The list of vacant positions in Kandahar province will be announced in the next phase.

The positions’ list is available here.

Application forms of the positions are available, free of charge, in directorateof education in the province and departments of education in districts.

The distribution of application forms will begin on June 29 and will continue until July 8.

Application forms for these positions are also available here.

Applicants must carefully read the Guideline for Mass Recruitment Exams’ various steps, before filling the application form.

The title of the position, ministry, directorate, location of the position, and position code should be accurately entered in the application form.

Applicants, after filling the application form accurately, must include a photo in their application form and submit it to directorate of education in the province and departments of education in districts, along with a copy of the Identification Card (Tazkira) and academic documents.