The Recruitment Process for MOCI’s Media Monitoring Directorate Was Carried Out in the Presence of Representatives of Media Institutions

The recruitment process for the Directorate of Media Monitoring of the Ministry of Information and Culture (MOCI) was carried out in the Fatema Qaderiyan and the Afghan Girls Robotics Team Exam Centre, in the presence of representatives of media institutions.

Representatives of the media institutions and civil society organizations were also invited to monitor the different steps of the recruitment process for this position, such as the computer-based exam, developing questions for the interview phase, and awarding points.

The Directorate of Media Monitoring of the MOCI is tasked with monitoring the compliance of public and private media outlets with Mass Media Law and principles of journalism.

The position of the Directorate of Media Monitoring of the MOCI had 62 applicants, of which 19 eligible applicants participated in the computer-based exam. As a result, five applicants with highest scores in the computer-based exams were deemed eligible for the recruitment interview phase.

Abdul Manan Shiwa-e Sharq, deputy minister of Publication Affairs of the MOCI and this ministry’s representative in the interview committee, said: “digitalization of the recruitment process has led to credibility, transparency, and accountability and at the same time it has turned the Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission (IARCSC) into a household name among its audiences.”

Faisal Quraishi, representative of Nai Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan, who was there to monitor the recruitment process, said: “the recruitment process in the IARCSC is organized, transparent, accurate and professional. The process will lead to recruitment of highly skilled professionals in the civil service sector.”

Shogofa Sultani, deputy of the Shahamat Social and Cultural Organization, said: “before I visited the IARCSC, I had a different opinion of the recruitment process, it has changed now because developing questions and awarding points are done in a transparent manner.”

Abdul Farid Sailani, head of the Afghanistan National Interest Advocates Group, another monitor of the exam process, said: “the questions that were going to be asked in the interview were developed in front of us, just before it began. The level of transparency was great, we will be the messengers of the transparency in the IARCSC’s processes in the outside.”