More than 18 Thousand New Questions Have been Developed for Computer-Based Exams

The general question bank system of the Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission (IARCSC) has been further enriched with the addition of 16,447 new questions. The questions were selected from a total of 18,102 developed questions, after collective assessment, by the Review and Assessment Board.

The experts working in the Exams Content Research and Development Centre (ECRDC) utilize 43% national sources (Pashtu and Dari languages) and 57% international sources.

Exam questions are developed to assess the knowledge, skills and other competencies of civil service positions’ candidates.

For more accuracy, once the questions are developed by the experts, they are assessed and finalized by a review board.

In order to prevent human interference and ensure speed and transparency in the recruitment exams, the central question bank system securely connects with the computerized exams centers of Kabul and provinces during the exams through a credible and secure network.

In order to maintain independence of the ECRDC and confidentiality of exams content, the IARCSC has put in place necessary protective measures.