Nadery: ‘Agencies that Provide Safe and Healthy Workplace for Women will be Celebrated’

The Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission will honor those agencies which are working to create a safe and healthy workplace environment for women, implement administrative procedures to increase women’s participation, and prevent women’s harassment.

Ahmad Nader Nadery, Chairman to the IARCSC, at the final day of the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence, in the presence of representatives of civil service agencies’ Gender Units, said that the Commission’s supervision of government agencies in the next year will based on statistics so that more agencies can be held accountable, so that it can be made clear from a qualitative and quantitative perspective that what steps have been taken to create a safe and healthy workplace environment for women and to prevent women’s harassment.

Mr. Nadery said: “I hope next year the Commission will be able to honor the agencies which have worked to implement the procedures and bring about better working conditions for women.”

Chairman of the Commission added: “unless the debate on bad phenomena such as violence against women becomes a mainstream public discourse and is incorporated in our systems and structures, we cannot achieve our setout goals just by organizing conferences.”

Farida Darwish, acting head of the IARCSC’s Gender Unit, said that solutions to create a safe workplace environment for women in the civil service is part of the Policy on Increasing Women Participation in Civil Service, and the implementation of these solutions can reassure women of their workplace environment. And monitoring the implementation of this policy in the government agencies is one of the responsibilities of the Commission.

Ms. Darwish also presented a report on 45 civil service agencies performance to create a safe workplace for women.

Based on this report, ministries and agencies such as MRRD, MoIC, MoIA, MoFA, MCIT, MoJ, MoLSA, MoPH, MoE, IARCSC, AG, Academy of Sciences and Sectretariat of Meshrano Jirga have paid exceptional attention to creating a safe workplace for women.

Meanwhile, the Procedure on Handling Complaints of Women’s Harassment in Workplace came into effect yesterday after it was signed by Mr. Nader Nadery, Chairman of the Commission.

The Procedure is designed to prevent harassment of women and protect victims and complainants. In accordance to this procedure a qualified committee will handle complaints of harassment and discrimination against women.

At first, this procedure will be implemented in the Commission and, after an assessment, it will be implemented in all civil service agencies as an administrative policy.