Nadery: Close to 21 Thousand Civil Servants Were Hired Through Open Competition in 2020

Ahmad Nader Nadery, chairman of the Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission (IARCSC), presented the annual activity report of the IARCSC.

The annual activity report covers issues such as ensuring the fundamental principles of open competition, merit-based, transparency, quality and speed in civil service recruitments, fair handling of grievances, simplification of complex and time-consuming administrative processes, improving e-government and proper management of human resource information, changes in performance appraisal procedure, reforming and developing goal-oriented organizational structures, reforming administrative laws, capacity building of civil servants and effective budget management.

On appointments in government departments, the IARCSC has recruited 20,575 civil servants through a merit-based competitive recruitment process, from across the country, in 2020. A total of 451,440 people applied for these positions.

Holding mass recruitment competition for 204 civil service positions in the Ministry of Finance and advocating for recruitment of 84 civil service positions in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs through open competition are among activities that the leadership of the IARCSC calls unprecedented.

The IARCSC has designed, developed and implemented the Human Resources Management Information System (HRMIS). The HRMIS helps public administration in policy making. As a result of the implementation of the HRMIS, the Government of Afghanistan now knows exactly how many positions are there at national, subnational and especially at the district level. To date, a total of 317,700 civil servants’ biometric and biographical data are collected and recorded in the HRMIS

Chairman of the IARCSC stated: “design and implementation of the HRMIA is one the most significant achievements of the IARCSC, which will have long-term positive effects on economic and social development and better management of public administration.”

The process of recording the basic information of the civil servants in the HRMIS shows that 58.48% of civil servants are under 40 years old.