Nadery Demands That the Perpetrators of the Attack on the Employees of the Commission Are Brought to Justice

The Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission held a Fateha ceremony for the martyrs of the 3rd May incident. Families of the martyrs, a number of government officials, civil society and media officials, staff and the leadership of the Commission participated in this ceremony.

The Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission lost five of its employees in a terrorist attack, on the last day of the holy month of Ramadhan. Another eleven were wounded in this attack.

Sayed Hamed Hashimi, Records Manager, Muhammad Qasem, Service worker, Ahmad Mustafa, Driver, Fazlullah, Service worker, and Muhammad Alem Wardak, Guard were martyred in this incident.

At the end of the ceremony, chairman of the Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission, Ahmad Nader Nadery, demanded the implementation of justice for the perpetrators of such incidents.

Mr. Nadery said: “The attack on the lives of civilians is a clear crime against humanity. Such attacks are not only condemned by the international laws and can be prosecuted, but also, according to the Islamic rulings the perpetrators of such horrendous crimes punishment is hell and they should be prosecuted in this world as well.”

Chairman of the Commission stressed that on the national level a mobilization is needed against the perpetrators—be it Taliban or another terrorist organization— of attacks on civilians, the people of Afghanistan needs to collectively stand against such crimes.

According to Mr. Nadery, it is also necessary that, internationally, the perpetrators of attacks on civilians are dealt with in a serious and realistic manner, and that the countries which facilitate such attacks are held accountable using international mechanisms.

Commission’s Chairman said: the sufferings of the families of the victims of these attacks should be the focus of peace talks and any peace talk should result in ending these sufferings.

The Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission has been working in various ways to help the bereaved families of the 3rd May incident, financially and spiritually. Prior to this, the President’s Office and the Commission have provided direct financial assistance to the families of the victims.