The Commission’s Herat Office Building Will be Built with a Mix of Architectural Styles

The office building of the Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission in Herat will be a mixture of traditional architecture with modern principles and current technology.

The Commission’s Herat office building was designed by a group of young architects in which Herat’s architecture of various historical periods including Timurid era’s architecture have been incorporated with the use of modern engineering developments.

In the building of this office, local materials of Herat such as ceramics and blue glass will be used. It will be the first environment-friendly structure in Afghanistan built by the government.

Traditional ventilation methods will be utilized for air conditioning of the courtyard of the Commission’s Herat office building.

Mr. Nadery, in the foundation stone laying ceremony of this office building, emphasized the importance of linking today’s building styles with the cultural past and added that severance from the cultural and civilizational roots was a key factor in keeping us way from creativity, innovation, and scepticism. According to him, the architecture of public administration buildings should reflect the culture and history of Afghanistan.

Chairman of the IARCSC, expressed that a sound administration, from content perspective should be delivering services, accountable and responsible, and from work environment perspective, it should create proper environment for the employees and visiting citizens.

“I hope this building’s construction is completed soon, so that it becomes an inspiration for future generations. And that citizens will enjoy indiscriminate and equal services offered from this office building. I hope that Afghanistan and Herat’s administration will move towards reforms and that this building will become part of Herat and the rest of Afghanistan’s reforms movement.” Mr. Nadery Added.

Abdul Qayum Rahimi, Herat’s governor, in the foundation stone laying ceremony of this office building, said that the reforms in the administrative and recruitment processes have increased people of Herat’s trust in the Independent Administrative Reform and the Civil Service Commission.

The governor of Herat also asked for the announcement of those positions in this province which are being managed by acting directors.

The Commission’s Herat office building will have workrooms, a training centre, an exams centre and a conference room, and it will be operational in a year.