Notable Employees of the Commission Were Celebrated

Leadership of the Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission celebrated a number of IARCSC’s employees with certificates of appreciation.

According to the Notable Employees Selection Committee, 101 exemplary employees (79 male and 22 female) of the Commission, after assessments and based on the professional and ethical values, were selected to be honoured. Of these 41 are operations and support staff.

The Selection Committee, in its assessments, considered indicators such as the implementation of the Work Plan, persistence and financial achievements of the year 1398.

Ahmad Nader Nadery, Chairman of the Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission, who was speaking among the Commission’s staff, thanked the Selection Committee for its work, said: “Every initiative carried out the by Commission should be meaningful and help with the better and efficient service delivery to the citizens, and bring us closer to the bigger objectives of Afghanistan’s sustainable development goals.”

Chairman of the Commission expressed hope that indexes of employees’ assessments would change and are tougher for the next year.