One Step Computer-Based Exam for the Third and Fourth Grades Positions Plan to be Finalized Soon

The Board of Commissioners decided that the plan to amend the civil servant’s recruitment procedure regarding one-step electronic recruitment for mid-level management positions (third grade and fourth grade) of agencies should be soon finalized and implemented.

Based on this plan, in order to prevent human interference and attain transparency in the appointments in Kabul and provinces the interview phase (oral exam) would be eliminated.

The amending plan does not include positions which needs to be filled by specialists and oral exam (interview) is considered necessary by agencies in the recruitment process for them. Based on the Board of Commissioners decision, the Exams Content Creation and Research Center is required to develop specialized questions for these positions.

In order to facilitate recruitment processes, seven computerized Exam Centers are planned to be opened in the seven zones of the country, in the coming days.

The Board of Commissioners also decided that in the next five months the Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission should focus more on reforms in the agencies, in addition to moving forward with the recruitment processes.