Open Competition Announced for Vacant Grade Five and Six Civil Service and Teaching Positions in Kandahar and Ghazni Provinces

The Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission has announced open competition for vacant grade five and six civil service and teaching positions in Ghazni and Kandahar provinces.

Three percent of the announced positions are allotted for the persons with disabilities.

Find the announced list of positions and application forms for these positions in each province here.

Application forms for teaching and grade five and six civil service positions are also respectively available (free of charge) in the departments of education in the districts and provincial directorates.

Application forms for each province have different requirements.

Applicants must carefully read the Guideline for Mass Recruitment Exams’ various steps, before filling the application form.

The title of the position, ministry, directorate, location of the position, and position code should be accurately entered in the application form.

Applicants can only apply for one position and in case of multiple applications, the applicant will be eliminated from the competition process.

Applicants, after filling the application form accurately, must include a photo in their application form and submit it to the relevant agencies along with a copy of the Identification Card (Tazkira) and academic documents, from Wednesday 16th September to Monday 28th September.

Submit your application forms for the grade five and six civil service positions in the provincial offices of the relevant ministries and agencies.

Submit your application forms for the teaching positions in districts’ departments of education.