Press Release Regarding the Terrorist Attack on the Employees of the Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission

The Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission condemns the terrorist attack on its employees.

At the end of the working day, the Commission’s employees were on their way to their homes, when their vehicle was the target of a criminal attack by the enemies of our country’s development and prosperity. The vehicle carrying the staff was a Coaster minibus which was contracted by the employees for their day-to-day transport.

Unfortunately, five of our colleagues were martyred as a result of this attack and 11 others were wounded.

Sayed Hamed, Records Manager, one of the wounded, has died in the hospital and joined the martyrs, one day after the incident.

“The despicable enemies, whether the Taliban or any other terrorists, are cowardly pursuing a single criminal objective: instability and regression. These attacks will not stop us from trying to build a better Afghanistan,” said Chairman of the Commission, Ahmad Nader Nadery.

Mr. Nadery extended his condolences to the families of the victims and added: “I and my colleagues will not hesitate in order to bring these criminals to justice.”

The commission expresses its profound sadness over this tragic incident and offers its condolences to the families and loved ones of the victims. We hope that the wounded will recover their health as soon as possible.

List of the Martyrs

Ahmad Mustafa/ Driver

Fazlullha/ Service Staff

Muhammad Alam/ Guard

Sayed Hamed Atai/Records Manager

Qasem/Service Staff

List of the wounded:

Ms. Amina Sadat/ Plan’s Analysis and Integration Expert

Mr. Murtaza Kamel/ Structure’s Analysis and Assessment Expert

Mr. Fida Husain Abasin/Development Budget General Manager

Mr. Najibullah/Gardener

Mr. Mushref Noori/Security Cameras Operator

Mr. Mujeeb-ur-Rahman Hamraz/Employees Background General Manager

Mr. Shuhabudin Azhar/Statistics Collection and Adjustment (MIS)

Mr. Noorrahman/Service Staff

Mr. Abdul Wahab/Service Staff

Mr. Shir Ali/Service Staff

Mr. Mirwais/Cook