Reading Resources for Recruitment Exams

The Exams Content Research and Development Center (ECRDC) has developed more than 20,000 questions for the computer-based recruitment exams. These questions have been developed by researchers and experts, taking into account the needs of public administration and the realities of the labor market.

Exam questions are developed to assess the common functional and professional competencies of candidates for civil service positions.

The questions are developed based on credible and scientific sources, in quarantined space where the use of communication technologies are prohibited.

Since applicants for civil service positions have been inquiring about reading resources to prepare for recruitment exams, we recommend a credible list of reading resources and material. Other available sources and references in the internet or printed content that are sold under the title “Administrative Reform Exam Questions” are invalid and fake.

-Reading Resources for First and Second Grade Positions

-Reading Resources for Third to Sixth Grade Positions