Recruitment Exams Were Held for 37 Civil Service Positions in Herat Province

Recruitment exams were held for 10 entry-level and mid-management and 27 grade seven (vocational) and grade eight (support and services) civil service positions in Herat province.

A total of 290 applicants (225 males and 65 females) competed for entry-level and mid-management positions of the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development, Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, Ministry of Transport, National Water Affairs Regulation Authority and Afghanistan Railway Authority.

Furthermore, 174 applicants (128 males and 46 females) participated in the recruitment exams for 27 grade seven (vocational) and grade eight (support and services) positions of the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Public Works, Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Transport.

A total of 553 male applicants and 227 female applicants had initially applied for these positions, of which 325 male applicants and 111 female applicants were shortlisted for the recruitment exams.