Recruitment Exams Were Held for Fifteen Senior Positions of the MoPH

The Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission (IARCSC) in cooperation with the Medical High Council and the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) held recruitment exams for 15 senior positions of the Ministry of Public Health. The positions are vacant or are managed by interim directors, and filling these positions in the current situation is top priority for the MoPH.

In accordance with the recruitment mechanism for these positions, the Medical High Council and the Ministry of Public Health introduces a number of candidates. Then the introduced candidates participate in the recruitment exams, and three candidates with highest scores are introduced to the Office of the President by the IARCSC. The President will select one candidate for each position from these three candidates.

These positions include three provincial positions and 12 positions in the center. Recruitment exams for these positions are organized by a committee which is comprised of competent representatives of the Medical High Council, the IARCSC and the MoPH.

Due to the quarantine, online recruitment exams have been held for the provincial positions of the MoPH, because candidates for these positions are not present in the center.

A total of 60 candidates competed for the following 15 positions of the MoPH: Directorate of Cohesion and Pre Market Services, Directorate of the Wazir Muhammad Akbar Khan Hospital, Directorate of Malalai Maternity Hospital, Directorate of Dasht-e-Barchi 100-Bed Hospital, Directorate of Foreign Relations, Directorate of Coordination and Research Review, Directorate of Coordination with World Organization, Directorate of Primary Health Care, Directorate of Nomads Health Care, Directorate of Plan and Legislation, Direcotre of Provincial Coordination, Khost’s Directorate of Public Health, Directorate of Dasht-e-Barchi 50-Bed Hospital, Takhar’s Directorate of Public Health, and Kandahar’s Directorate of Public Health.

The IARCSC has prioritized recruitment for positions with a scope of work that is considered important in the fight against coronavirus, and for other positions, computer-based exams will be held as per usual.