Recruitment Quality Assurance Team Leader (International)


The Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission (IARCSC) was established in 2002 as an independent budgetary unit in the government of Afghanistan charged with establishing and strengthening robust institutions of public administration, merit-based recruitment of civil servants, regulating civil servant’s affairs and training and professional development of civil servants. The Commission comprises an Independent Appointment Board and an Independent Appeals Board. The Civil Service Management department and the Afghanistan Civil Service Institute are the two other major departments in the Commission.

The IARCSC envisions a “compliant, non-political, stable and transparent civil service administration within the framework of good governance that has the ability to effectively and efficiently use the public resources towards delivering basic services, increasing revenues and supporting the development of private sector for economic and social development of Afghanistan”.  The IARCSC mission is: To lead the reform and professionalization of civil service administration and management and to recruit and develop civil servants on the basis of merit, through an impartial, transparent and accountable process.

In order to effectively contribute to the reform agenda of the Afghan government, IARCSC went through an extensive institutional transformation in 2017 – 2018 timeframe. The organization re-visited its programs, priorities, structure and approaches with a view to increase effectiveness, efficiency and reach, and to encourage and reward innovation, creativity and accountability in the civil service. Parallel to the institutional strengthening effort, IARCSC has launched major initiative contributing to institutionalizing merit-based recruitment in the public service, proposing/amending relevant legislations and regulations, and training and professional development of civil servants.

The Tackling Afghanistan Government’s HRM and Institutional Reform (TAGHIR)

TAGHIR directly responds to the Afghanistan National Peace and Development Framework (ANPDF) – including its development priority on “Building a responsive and effective public administration system”.

The overall objective of TAGHIR is to strengthen the capacity of selected line ministries and agencies through merit-based recruitment of key positions, improved personnel management, and better HR planning. A key component of TAGHIR’s scope involves the financing of salary payments of up to one thousand five hundred (1,500) civil servant positions identified in the strategic staffing plans of selected line ministries and agencies to support delivery of key policy priorities. The ceiling of 1,500 positions will be made up of: (a) five hundred (500) to eight hundred (800) ‘legacy’ appointees contracted through the predecessor Capacity Building for Results (CBR) Facility for which salary financing will be retained through TAGHIR; and (b) seven hundred (700) to one thousand (1000) new civil servant appointments for which the recruitment process is required to be completed by not later than June 30, 2020.

TAGHIR is being co-financed by the Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund (ARTF) and the International Development Association (IDA) of the World Bank Group. The Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission (IARCSC) will implement the project on behalf of the GoIRA.


The objective of this assignment is to independently ensure that each newly hired civil servant under TAGHIR has a well-defined Terms of Reference and that the recruitment process is fair, competitive, merit based and fully compliant with the GoIRA’s civil service and civil servants related laws and regulations and any relevant TAGHIR recruitment procedure. This assignment will include carrying out comprehensive reference checks and verification of qualifications of final candidates prior to recommendation for selection. Criminal, credit and other background checks (as appropriate) are also to be carried out.


The Team Leader is expected to ex-ante review and verify estimated 700-1000 new TAGHIR recruitment cases over  twelve (12) month period, and to directly observe ten (10) percent of all TAGHIR recruitment processes carried out during this period. Specifically, to perform quality assurance the Team Leader will make sure that:

  • Positions to be announced are derived from approved TAGHIR staffing plans of the relevant line ministry or agency and have received World Bank No Objection to move ahead;
  • Terms of Reference are well defined with selection criteria matching position requirements, and with clear, relevant, and measurable deliverables and performance indicators included;
  • Positions are widely advertised including in the websites that are frequently visited by job seekers;
  • The process is fair and all applicants who meet the minimum requirements for the respective position receive equal opportunity to compete for the position, and that every applicant is assessed against the set criteria in the Terms of Reference without any bias;
  • The shortlisting and interviews are conducted by different panels, and the panels for positions where a female candidate has applied includes at least one female panel member;
  • The most competent candidate is selected based on an objective written exam and a competency-based interview;
  • Reference check of the selected candidate is properly done with his/her two last employers;
  • The selected candidate’s qualifications are verified and credible;
  • All complaints relevant to the case are properly documented and addressed;
  • Accurate and updated Human Resource (HR) database of all the reviewed cases is maintained, including on the number of females that applied to the position; and
  • The selected candidate receives the correct contract template and Terms of Reference and is placed on the correct civil service Grade and Step.
  • International Team Leader (International)

The incumbent will work closely with the relevant staff and authorities in IARCSC. However, to ensure independent verification and objective quality assurance without any pressure he or she will report to the Project Task Team Leaders in the World Bank who will also evaluate her/his performance based on a set criteria.

  • The Team Leader shall preferably clear or reject a recruitment case upon first review, however, case review shall be limited to two (2) times if cases are returned by the Team Leader for completion of documentation and/or compliance with recruitment procedures. Final rejection of the case shall be declared by the Team Leader upon Second unsuccessful submission.
  • The Team Leader shall periodically attend up to ten (10) written exams and interviews for TAGHIR appointments as observer. The Team Leader shall report upon the strengths and weakness of the process to the Project Task Team leader in the World Bank and document these within progress reports.
  • The Team Leader shall support IARCSC in setting a non-negotiable salary step (within the relevant civil servant Grade) for each selected candidate in an objective manner in full accordance with the relevant TAGHIR salary scale policy and shall document the offer.

Team Leader’s Qualifications

It is expected that the Team Leader will have the following expertise and experience:

  • The Team Leader is expected to hold a post-graduate level degree (Master’s level at minimum) in Public Administration, Human Resources Management, organizational Management or a related filed.
  • A minimum of 10 years of post-graduate experience in HR Management including at least five (5) years of team leadership experience.
  • Proven excellent communication and facilitation skills, including in multi-cultural settings;
  • Fluency in English (written and spoken); Knowledge of local languages are an advantage.
  • Must have International working experience in the relevant filed in one or two countries, preferably in the developing countries.

How to apply:

Interested applicants who meet minimum requirements for this post are requested to please send their applications with curriculum vitae to the following email address:


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Announced Date: 11/07/2019

Expire Date:        25/07/2019