Sayed Ahmad Rateb Muzafari Became Chairman of the Civil Service Appeals Board

Commissioners of the Civil Service Appeals Board of the Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission, elected Sayed Ahmad Rateb Muzafari as chairman of this board.

The Appeals Board of the Commission consists of three members and, in accordance with Article 17 of the Civil Service Law, members of the Board, elects one member for a term of one year as chairman.

Sayed Ahmad Rateb Muzafari has obtained his master’s degree and his doctorate from Tokyo University of Foreign Studies. Mr. Muzafari has worked as a professor at the Law and Political Science Faculty of the University of Kabul.

Previously, Rohullah Amin was the chairman of the Appeals Board.

Over the past two years, during the period in which Mr. Amin was in charge of the Appeals Board, there have been a series of reforms in the complaints handling processes.